What are we trying to achieve?

Our aim is to ultimately bring people from across the globe together to help those in need in several ways.
To create partnerships with similar organisations across the globe helping each other to raise awareness.
To building global networks and that improve global communications.
To guide, educate and fund support groups and volunteers across the globe.

Getting involved is easy:

There are many ways that you can support and help Global Relief Initiative. You can donate through our ‘make a donation’ tab, or you could hold a sponsored event. Please also keep an eye on our web page for any other volunteering opportunities including pioneering projects that are planned for later on in the year.

Stay in touch!

Keep up-to-date with the latest partnership news and local events with our informative news letter. All support is extremely appreciate here at GRI not just the monetary kind. So please do take the time to spread the word and share our updates and information via our quarterly news letter!

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