Our Charities & Partnerships

Global Relief Initiative endeavours to promote change for good to human life on a global scale by supporting, whether financially or through the provision of services, fellow charities who aim to support those living in impoverished areas as well as providing better life chances to those who are physically or mentally disadvantaged.

As a Charity we work towards the relief of hardship and the advancement of the education (including academic, social, and physical education) of children and other persons, as well as furthering any charitable work for the promotion, protection, and provision of health for all.

We are extremely proud to support and work alongside our Charities; to create a better quality of life, and create life-enhancing opportunities.

QPR Tiger Cubs

The Tiger Cubs are a scheme operating as part of QPR in the Community Trust. QPR in the Community focuses on creating progressive, vibrant hubs of sporting activities.


Experienced special educators, a new transportation, and speech and occupational therapists have made all the difference to many a childs learning ability and is something that Global Relief Initiative is proud to be able to help.

Savera Association

The Savera Association is a non governmental, non profit, voluntary organization registered under the Societies Act XX1 of 1860 founded in 1997 by a group of 16 women.

Ujjala society for the Blind

Since being founded in 2006 by dedicated ambassador Shalim Kumar, the society is committed to meeting the needs of the visually challenged; and in particular a group of young men aged 16-25.

Victory Gap Years

In the first week of January 2011, Kara and Christian Nothnagel left on an adventure to South Africa in order to support local communities in Lesotho, Kouga and the Eastern Cape in South Africa. Kara and Christian are taking part in The Victory Maste
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