Victory Gap Years - Who are they?

Throughout their year in South Africa, Kara and Christian will be volunteering their time to:

1. Victory 4 All: a ministry focused on children from infancy to young adults – ( This covers many projects ranging from day care, educational activities, and housing.

A major part of their personal involvement will be with the underprivileged schools. One aspect will be time dedicated to the maintenance and construction of facilities which are often inadequate. The other area is in classroom and teaching support and ‘homework clubs’ with children aged 11-16.

 2. Health and Baby clinic: providing mothers and babies with essential supplies and healthcare (

Kara and Christian’s involvement here will be assisting in basic care for the babies such as changing nappies and feeding them; as well as practical cleaning and maintenance of the clinic. 
In addition, this clinic and others like it will be serving a large number of AIDS orphans. Kara and Christian will be serving them in areas not covered by medical care such as games, loving attention and supervision while they are at the clinic.

3. Lesotho Mission: Kara and Christian will be working with local people of all ages in teaching life skills, hygiene, business and farming principles and assisting with the maintenance and construction of farming and housing facilities. 

4. Local community projects: They will serve the local underprivileged community projects in a similar way to the Lesotho Mission. They will also be serving in the organisation of a major ‘Reconciliation Day’ event for poor farming communities.

5. Environmental: Kara and Christian will be devoting time to refuse removal and the reforesting and maintenance of neglected costal areas.

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