Ujjala society for the Blind - Who are they?

At present the organisation houses 32 young men with a hope to be able to cater for more in the near future. The ability to be able to provide each member with a secure base has meant that all of the group are now studying at the local University; something that would have been otherwise impossible. Equipping such individuals with the skills necessary for a life of independence and dignity is something that cannot be take for granted, and it is these traits which have lead to a vibrant and fulfilled community for all members to be part of.

A special emphasis on nutrition and well-being has meant that each young man is now free of many of the illnesses and skin conditions that were present when they first came to Ujjala. Despite the encouragement of independence, group activities are an important part of the Ujjala experience. Vocational training in computers, Masseur Skills, Acupuncture and Music are available to all, providing each young man with the opportunity to progress in any of these fields.

Ujjala is thankful for having made a beginning but the journey is long. The need to bring further brightness into the lives of the young men is not over, and is something to which Global Relief Initiative is set on improving.

GRI goes to Ujjala

Thank you to Ujjala for once again welcoming us back into their home – and what a home it now is!

Holi festival

The boys at Ujjala have been enjoying Holi Festival as a break from their studies in class 10
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