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Savera Association

Global Relief Initiative is proud to announce the new partnership with Savera Association.

The Savera Association is a non governmental, non profit, voluntary organization registered under the Societies Act XX1 of 1860 founded in 1997 by a group of 16 women. The charity provides numerous services to the slum dwellers of Basti Sriniwaspuri in Delhi, as well as extending a helping hand to various other NGO’s. Savera helps needy individuals and victims of natural disaters or calamities, and is an ever flourishing charity.

Since it’s inception in 1997, Savera Association has come a long way by turning what was 10 gali school classes, held in the open, to becoming a professionally run pre-primary school for 140 children. This school not only provides education, but addresses the holistic needs and development of every child. Further to this, Savera Association has started a small general OPD clinic which now reaches out to over 80 patients a day and has expanded its reach to provide many other health services and facilities to the community. Vocational training of women is another area that Savera Association supports in order to empower the women of Sriniwaspuri.

The main focus of Savera Association has been on primary education, health care, and female emancipation. In addition, it also commits itself to various projects promoting food and nutrition and to lifting basic standards of living and welfare for the female child.

About The Charity


The focus and objectives of Savera Association is on the holistic development of the child, hence there is the up most importance given to the quality of education, nutrition and healthcare. To ensure that the quality of education remains high, there are regular training sessions as well as workshops conducted on a monthly basis in order to teach staff new skill sets. Apart form a solid educational foundation, Savera Association also provides all children with a well balanced, nutritious diet consisting of breakfast, midday meals, calcium tablets, fresh fruit and milk on a daily basis. Children are also taught the importance and significance of all the major festivals as well as significant occasions which are all celebrated in school. A strong emphasis is also placed on inculcating social and moral values in their student’s right from the very first day at the school.

The Savera Association School currently reaches out to 140 children aged between 3 and 6 years old who all live in Basti Sriniwaspuri. Savera Association thus provides these children with a chance to be educated in mainstream secondary schools by giving them a good education at kindergarten level. Furthermore, Savera Association also offers sponsorship to those children who pass out of Savera who are unable to afford further education to go to good secondary schools as long as each child must remain at a 60% pass rate in all school exams; Savera Association currently sponsors 17 children in higher education.

Health Care

Savera Association is visited by over 30 people on a daily basis for basic, as well as more complex, health needs. Savera Association, therefore, provides Eye OPD, Skin OPD, Dental OPD and Path Lab facilities.


For this facility, Savera Association, in collaboration with Shroff Eye Hospital, hold an eye OPD every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to conduct free eye check ups for each patient. For cataract patients, the hospital performs free surgery for those who cannot afford the cost. All medicines, pre and post surgery, are also provided free of cost by Savera Association.

Skin OPD

For this facilitiy, Dr Vivek Mehta, holds a voluntary skin OPD every Tuesday for patients. There is a very good response to this OPD as people from the Basti often have skin infections, and don’t know where to go for proper treatment and guidance.

Dental OPD

A fully equipped dental van visits the Basti every alternate Thursday. All dental check-ups, extraction, cleaning etc is done by the dentist and, once again, all medicines and surgery costs are provided by Savera Association.

Path Lab Facilities

Lab technicians from Krishna laboratories visit the centre every Tuesday to take blood, urine and stool samples from patients. ECG is also done at the centre and diagnosis and analysis is done by their cardiologist. All reports are delivered the following day. The laboratory offers 50% discount to all Savera Association patients.

A full time paid Doctor oversees all activities at the clinic as well as being assisted by two full time volunteer nurses and an assistant to monitor BP and the temperature of the patients, maintain records, and dispense medicines. As well as providing services inside the clinic, Savera Association offers an outreach service to those unable to get to the clinic twice a week, by using a small ambulance. Every Tuesday the doctor, nurses and health staff hold an OPD in the Gandhi Basti Slum near Okhla Mandi. Check-ups are done on the spot and medicines are given to patients free of charge. For further investigations and tests, patients are often referred to the Savera Association centre.

Vocational Training

As part of its efforts towards women empowerment, Savera Association runs a beauty training centre to train young girls from the area to become beauticians, thereby improving their future earning prospects. The training of these girls has been imparted by Shahnaz Hussein Academy and there are currently 12 girls undergoing six month training at the centre. In this way, Savera Association enables young girls to become financially independent.

Health Camps

Savera Association provides health camps at least once a month, on different health related topics in the surround Basti areas. Savera Association collaborates with other agencies, experts, and specialists to hold routine camps on Cancer detection, HIV prevention, Typhoid, Malaria, Hemoglobin and Gynae camps, as well as, anti-tobacco, anti-drugs and alcohol awareness rallies are also held regularly.

It is extremely important for Savera Association to be able to provide the best for those living in the surrounding Basti areas. The development and skill sets of the professionals providing care for the residents is an ongoing process at Savera, and something which is handled and managed with staff training and workshops. This ensures that all staff remain motivated and focused, and are therefore able to give their everything to the respective children and parents.

Recent Developments

20.03.2012 - Another visit to India

It was once again a thoroughly enjoyable visit to Savera with a great welcome from all the children and some beautiful gifts which we will treasure.

The building at Savera looked fantastic with additional décor improvements making a fun and character filled hub for the children to learn in. We were also happy to hear of 11 sponsored children that will enter mainstream education with help from a funder – a great achievement for those involved. Some wonderful news is the introduction of an afternoon school session which will increase the number of children able to benefit from Savera’s great work.

The Health Clinic at Savera is continuing to flourish with an average of 90 people visiting per day. We have also learnt of a second doctor who will take on responsibilities at the centre; again meaning a larger outreach program to those who require medical help. Two days prior to our visit Savera held an Eye and Diabetes clinic to which195 people attended.

Thank you to everyone at Savera for making it such a nice day

26.01.2012 - Making a Real Difference

Global Relief Initiative are pleased to be able to report on some wonderful developments at Savera. Since our association began, Savera have been able to complete a refurbishment of the centre resulting in a cleaner and brighter look to the school and clinic in general. A new set of furniture has added colour and provided the children with a more cheerful environment.

The improvement of Savera’s premesis is an ongoing theme with one of their most influential developments being the opening of an additional classroom. Space within the building is very valuable and this extra room has meant classes are now less cramped. It has also given the children the required space to take part in extra curricular activities and audio visual lessons. Children are shown films on various issues such as health and hygiene, good manners and the importance of education, gender equality and some animated films on Hindu mythology. These classes have proven to have a much stronger impact on the children, and as well as being more fun; have added a great deal of educational enrichment to the curriculum. The Savera Association pride themselves on providing an environment where children are able to reach their full educational potential whilst feeling as if they are part of a community; something which they might otherwise never experience. Savera enables children to get involved with celebrations and events as well as providing them with the support that they need.

Puppet Show In July, a duo of professional puppeteers from the UK visited the school and held a delightful puppet show for the children, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Bookaroo Childrens Book Festival - In November the sponsored children were all taken to the Children’s International Book Festival where they participated in various workshops and activities. The trip meant children could get involved in storytelling sessions and craft classes, talks from Authors and Illustrators, as well as getting involved in poster making and book readings.

Independance Day Celebrations - The children of the Savera school sang patriotic songs and performed group dances providing a very enjoyable afternoon for the parents and children.

Teachers Training - In-house trainings are held regularly for teachers, to upgrade their skills, as well as review performance of each class. Two training sessions have been held for teachers during the year on team building, something which Savera hopes will better the quality of teaching in the future.

Health Check Up of Children - Savera is ever improving the health aspect of the centre with two check up’s taking place at six month intervals. On admission to the school Impact assessment is carried out, which includes a blood test on arrival. It was found that most of the children on starting the school are anaemic and underweight. After six months a test is redone and an impact assessment carried out. This is a way of assessing the children during their time at the school enabling Savera to improve their health in any way that they can.

Christmas Celebrations - Christmas celebrations were a very exciting day for the children and their parents. A visit from Father Christmas meant there were lots of gifts exchanged, and in turn the children put on a wonderful performance for the parents and guests.

Vocational Training - We are proud to learn that 12 girls successfully completed the six month beauty course and all passed the exam conducted by Shahnaz Hussein’s Academy. We also learnt that one of the students was offered a job by the Academy soon after her training. She is now working with them as an assistant beauty instructor - an incredible achievement for all involved.

Health Camps - There were a number of health camps and health talks held during the year, which has also created more awareness in the community regarding the importance of good health . Health camps done during the year are:-

Hepatitis B camp was held on 4th and the 14th January in which the second dose was given with the first dose having been administered in December 2010. Beneficiaries were parents of children of Savera school, and 88 people were vaccinated.

Immunization camp for School Children : An Immunisation of schoolchildren was carried out on the 8th and the 24th of February 2010 with 55 children being vaccinated.

Hepatitis B Camp : The Hepatitis B camp took part on 10th May in which the third dose of Hepatitis B vaccine was given with 59 people being vaccinated.

Gynaecology Camp : A Gynaecological check-up camp was held on 26th September in which patients were checked by a gynaecologist and treated. 29 patents were treated and medicine was issued.

Typhoid Immunization Camp : A Typhoid vaccination camp was held on 20th October with 144 people being vaccinated. Again this is another great achievement for the Savera Association.

16.08.2011 - Visit to India

Having returned from our visit to Savera this July, we are pleased to report that we were taken aback by the great work that this Charity continues to maintain. The Savera Association is ever improving and it was a joy to be able to witness even the smallest changes to an organisation that remains so dedicated.

Having recently renovated a small unused room within their building, Savera is now able to educate more children with the use of more valuable space. The benefits are extensive, with the ability of educating more children unfathomable. This could be seen at the sheer happiness of the children, and their joy at being able to be educated in a way that may otherwise be impossible.

A tiling renovation within the building has meant that the children and visitors to the health centre are able to attend a much cleaner and sanitised premises. This is just one of the changes which Savera expects to improve in the future, with it being ever important to maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Other improvements with decor and furniture have meant that the classrooms provide a vibrant and colourful base for learning for the children to enjoy.

We were wholly impressed by the standard of the premises in general, and are looking forward to our next visit already!